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What days of the week do you shoot? 

I shoot every day of the week. I am flexible to accommodate schedules, so don’t be afraid to ask for what suits you best! I like morning and evening light best, but if we need to shoot in the middle of the day, let’s do it!

Do I need to pay for my

session before it happens? 

Yes. I ask that you pay for your session in full to secure your date. 

When you contact me to schedule your shoot, I will send you an invoice to pay for your session.

who determines location shoot?

You! Once you contact me about booking your session, we’ll chat about location options. If you want to shoot in your home, that’s awesome. If you want to shoot outdoors, that’s great too. Have camera, will travel! (Shoots outside of Winston Salem are subject to a travel fee.)

Me! If you don’t have any ideas about where to shoot, I’ll offer suggestions based on your aesthetic and we’ll go from there.

What happens after I book a shoot?

Here’s the skinny - // pay for your session in full // complete questionnaire/contract that is sent to you // show up for your session where we rock it!! // sneak peeks of your session show up on Facebook and Instagram within 5 days // entire online gallery is sent to you within 2 weeks (usually sooner)

  • private gallery can be shared with family and friends

  • choose your included number of favorite digital images (number depends on session purchased)

  • download link is sent with chosen images

  • option to purchase more digital images, prints, canvases, albums and products lasts 4 weeks

  • all digital image purchases are available via download

  • all prints and products are mailed directly to your door

  • 4 weeks from when your online gallery was posted, your images will expire and I will anxiously await the next time we get to do this! (your images will remain stored with me and can be accessed again for an additional fee. not responsible for data loss should a hard drive fail)


Do you offer rain dates? 

Yes. If your session can’t happen because of weather, we will figure out another date and try again. I don’t call off shoots until the day of. Weather reports are often wrong, so I hold out until rain is actually happening. Your session fee will not be refunded, rather you’ll have a credit with Pause Picture until your session is completed. Let’s talk some more about weather. If you were hoping for a sunny, golden hour shoot and the day ends up being overcast, your shoot will still happen. The truth is, there are advantages and disadvantages to every type of light and we can get good images in all of them. Don’t be discouraged if the sun isn’t cooperating. You’ll still get a session that promises to impress.


What should I wear?

You should wear what you love. What makes you feel great. Something that is flattering most of the time. That awesome shirt that only looks good from one angle? Leave it at home. What color? Think about our backdrop. If we’re shooting outside, go for colors you like against an earthy palette. If we’re shooting indoors, go for colors you like with that interior. Most importantly, just go with what you feel comfortable in.

Go all out glamorous if the mood strikes!  My clients who decide to shoot in long flowy gowns, short black dresses, bowties and their Sunday best are never disappointed that they did.  You will create a stunning, memorable group of pictures that you and your family will treasure for years to come.  Think about it... when your grandkids stumble upon these types of images in the attic, it's a wow moment.  Every time.


Do you offer hi-res as well as lo-res images? 

No. Let’s keep things simple. Everything you get from me is the hi-res image. Period.



If I book a mini session, can I change clothes?

No. There just isn’t enough time to accommodate that. In the end, you’ll be glad we spent all our time getting great shots instead of swapping out wardrobes. If you want to change, a regular session makes more sense for you.


How would you define your style? 

In a word, journalistic. I love the story. I need there to be some honesty in the photographs we capture together. I want the best of the moment to be what we end up with in the end. I love that photography is our best tool to pause time. Forever. Posing is always that necessary evil. I really don’t like it. Ever. I’m not a perfectionist with it. If your laughter is sincere, I don’t care about some hair that might have fallen out of place. I don’t spend a lot of time getting every detail perfect for the shot. I’m more interested in bringing out the heart and soul of you and saving the emotion of the moment. It’s why I don’t have a photography studio. I’d rather hang out in a field or walk on a city street and experience everything beautiful about you. Hair out of place and all. My editing style is varied. I love to give my clients a choice in this arena. Sometimes you want a simple, classic edit. Or maybe you want a more artful twist. I get it. And I can do both. You get to make that choice before our session begins.


Can I choose what style of editing is done on my images? 

Yes. I offer several different styles of editing so you can end up with the product you’re after. My styles range from classic coloring to trendy finishes. We will discuss this before your session happens so that I know what you want before we even start.


What type of shoots can be done with your sessions? 

I don’t limit shoots to a particular theme. That means you can book either session (mini or regular) for just about anything - family, engagements, senior, maternity, bridal, etc. Keep in mind we can only accomplish what the time allows for. sorry, I don't shoot weddings.

Can I tell you what shots I want? 

Yes. You’ll get a questionnaire a few days before your shoot where you can specify any specifics about shots and your session. It’s also where I’ll get important information about how you want your session to go.


Can I bring props?

I am not a prop person. They just aren’t my bag.  If you have something small to incorporate that makes sense for our session, then I am open to that.  Otherwise, I don't shoot with props.  


Can I get a copy of the unedited images?

No. I spend a lot of time preparing an edited product for you that involves images taken with certain settings in camera. If you don’t like the photos from your session, getting the original files is no guarantee you’re going to be any happier. A photographer is like a chef in many ways. We have recipes. The final product is the only product available.

How much retouching do you do?

I do light retouching. In keeping with my style, I like a certain amount of real life to show through. Normal things I might remove include a large facial blemish, small details that draw the eye away from the subject, etc. If you want more retouching than was done on your session, that is available for an additional fee.


Do you have any social media rules?

Yes. If you agree to have your images posted, I will create a sneak peek of your session on my Facebook Page and Instagram before your final gallery is ready. Those images are allowed to be shared or used as profile/cover photos as long as my logo remains intact and visible. Once you get the images you’ve paid for, they are yours to do as you please. No more rules. :)


Why don't you shoot weddings? 

I have shot weddings for family, and in doing so, I learned they weren't for me.  I feel like you should have a photographer who is passionate about that (hopefully) once in a lifetime day, and my heart is not 100% there.  But here are a few wedding photographers I love: &


What if you didn’t answer my question here? 

Email me! Let’s talk.

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